Any tip on my UI design?


What do you think I need to improve on the user interface (at the top right)? I know that colored bar is not size correctly to the amount and maximum amount, but that is not the point.

I feel like it’s missing something, I don’t know what.


You should darken the labels a tiny that are laying right next to the bars. I am saying that because it looks unnatural with the same shade of color with the bars. For the color bars, you should blend the color in with the labels so it would be a more realistic tone.


I like your design! It looks beautiful!


The design of your UI is great! The sizing of it is really good too where it doesn’t take up a lot of the screen space on a device, something that a lot of big Roblox games games fail to do.
My only pet peeve is that that the lighter end of the gradient on the icons tend to start blending into the white circle you have behind them. I would suggest testing out how it would look if the icons were one color entirely or if the white circles were slightly darker to contrast more between the two.