Any tips for optimizing meshes?

So I’m working on a chair model, and just a single leg can total to a bit over 5000 triangles, which, as you can imagine, is a bit much for what Roblox will allow, despite this not really being capable of causing a performance impact on any remotely modern device.

A single leg for reference.

Now my only three options I can think of are:
-Reducing uneeded polygons, this is impossible, the mesh basically has solely the amount that it needs.
-Reducing detail, I would really not want to do this.
-Baking the detail into a texture, this is not only more work but removes a ton of the actual detail I want, since the whole point of making more complex meshes is for the small bits of depth they give.

I could also technically break up the mesh, which I may do, however I want to avoid this for convenience sake.

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import it to roblox piece by piece just under the 10k poly limit!

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How high is the subdivider on the leg set to?

I don’t think there’s any subdivision surface applied, I just beveled it a bit.

could you send the topology of the leg then? it shouldnt have that many triangles

It’s pretty high poly, though not sure where it’s getting 5000, the math only seems to total up to around 2,500.

You dont need that many vertices for the cylinder, just use auto-smooth instead (or decimate it but that might break it)