Any tips for working with physics?

I am working on a physics game and was wondering if there are any tips for some things.

  1. Is there something that can make rope constraints not freak out at high forces?

  2. Is there something for updating tons constraint properties on the server efficiently?
    I have to constantly update the length for the ropeconstraint on the server to prevent people from getting flung once they touch the part with a length that isn’t the same length on the client.

  3. Is there something for network optimization?

  4. Are there things for improving the physics?
    Are there tips for working with all of the other constraints or tips for some situations that i might encounter when working with physics?

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The simplest way to improve the physics in your game is make it as close as possible to real life physics.

If you haven’t yet, I recommend checking out NetworkOwnership.

Once setting a projectile’s NetworkOwnership to the server, it can appear much smoother.

But what if you had a vehicle and you wanted to steer to the left, the input has to reach the server first before making the car steer to the left, this is very annoying when your connection is not that great.

If you’re piloting a vehicle whose NetworkOwnership is set to you, then the vehicle will be handled by your computer and you won’t have issues relating to input lag