Any toughs about this?


Im new at building and this was a thing that just popped on my mind


It looks really nice. I love have you detailed most of the house. I say most because there’s a part that isn’t textured like the rest. Here is what I’m talking about.

Also I would add interior to the house as well as it seems like you have the floor plan already laid out.

Best of luck!


I like the look of it, but I’m assuming it has some ways to go.
The roof color looks too deep of a blue and could use shingles since the siding is detailed. Or at least a very dark grey to make it appear so.

The chimney has a slightly disproportional shape.

If you don’t plan on adding it to a game that’s supposed to have super fast performance, maybe try that diagonal pattern just under the porch roof?

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Looks good, but the chimney does not fit with the theme of the house.

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The chimney is way too skinny, I’d make it thicker or remove it in general, it doesn’t look right in that spot to me. Other than that the house looks pretty peaceful, I like it. Gives me a cartoonish vibe, great job!

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Additionally to what was mentioned,
Maybe try and recreate the house but make it more proportional to an actual size house.

My recommendation is to have a reference such as a humanoid to help.

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Looks amazing!

(The detail is really fascinating.)

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I really love the design! Very cute! :heart:

But I would suggest changing up the chimney, or removing it.

Quick question:
Would this be for aesthetic purposes or actually having the ability to walk in it?

If it’s for aesthetic, I love it!
If it’s for actual purposes to view, tour, and stay in. It could be just me, but it looks very small from the angle.

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Yeah i think the same of it, it does need a lot of work.

Yes its a very small house, and thanks a lot !

Hey Joel thanks a lot for that !

Yeah i usualy get lost with proportions, lets just say it is not my strong point.

Thanks a lot ! Like i mentioned im not a big fan of that chimney, it needs some work.

On second tough you are right, the blue is way too deep.
Thanks for the suggestion !

Thanks, i probably would not be able to notice that myself !
And the interior its on his way :wink:

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