Any tthoughts on this build?

made this house what yall think?

also if u wanna see it up close: test - Roblox


Hello, The build is really good and done well for a low poly asset. I suggest fine tuning the colors as the blue is too dark and the bricks look like there made out of a shiny metal. But overall the build looks great!


thank you and ill be making some changes to it

Well, I think it looks good, but I think it could look better if you centered the windows and scale the door down a bit it looks pretty close to the windows however it isn’t bad for a first house. So, good job!

You could also add some vegetation around the house such as hedges, trees, plants. I’d also change the material of the roof to something else like tiles if you’re going for a medieval styled house try going with that because it seems to be the same color as the wood parts placed on your house. Another thing you could change might be the windows, instead of them copied and pasted on the side maybe have one or two different windows.

Also add trees and pathways around it, but I am sure you are going to do that. Also the roof is the same color as I said above try going for a darker color or place some textures on the roof. One more thing, maybe adds a chimney the roof could use some tweaking here and there.

But aside from that, the build is looking really nice.


This is a great start, but there are a few things that you can change! The house could use a bit more detail. The colors used don’t really blend all that well together, making it look visually unappealing.

These windows here aren’t evenly spaced out, and look a bit weird.

Assuming you went for a “low-poly” style, this house could use some rethinking. I suggest looking on google for some inspiration! Don’t give up though, as you have potential! :slight_smile:

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thank you i was trying low poly medieval style, and i see what i could improve