Any videos on how to use Blender 2.8?

Hello, I have begun using Blender 2.8 and I would like to grow as a Graphic Designer and advance my skills, do you guys know any good videos, also on how to move around. Any videos or websites.


I would recommend you watching this


You can watch mine

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If you’re trying to make a gfx, maybe this could help
Video not from me though…

If any of the above didn’t help, I’d suggest watching the following video:

It’s a complete tutorial on how to use Blender 2.8 specifically regarding Roblox (including everything you need to know about rigs, animating, and creating a GFX in Blender). It’ll be easy to understand because it’s a voice tutorial. Hope this helped out in some way!

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I would recommend you find some people to learn from you will run into several issues while starting in this. There are Discord communities our there made to support graphic designers and teach them to learn their own styles. I personally find this the best way but if you are looking for specifically Roblox related blender videos I would not do that. I would watch someone that is outside the roblox community. They have far greater knowledge on the applications use. This can then be applied back and forth between the two. An example, Textures, Composition and lighting. They are the fundamentals of 3D art and design.

I would reccomend Blender Guru Click the text to view his channel.

A small youtuber by the name of aurabelle has done some good beginner tutorials for roblox graphics.

I recommend her following video’s:

In the future you would want to go above this, try to find your own style. Be different from others. If your wanting to be the best. Get into modelling. Learn the program. Don’t use roblox models. Try to be as you as you can.

Other videos I’ve seen that might help -

Enjoy your day, get busy creating.

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Check out Blender Guru’s stuff if you haven’t already.

Link -

I agree with @lu_xt and @MetaProx , Blender Guru is excellent! I highly suggest his beginner tutorial here.

As a beginner Blender user myself, I found his tutorials to be the best ones on YouTube. If you want to make art or build long-term, you’ll need to learn Blender well. Cut-and-paste “recipe” videos are helpful if you want a quick tip, but they won’t teach you why you’re doing things, only how. Blender Guru gives clear, methodical explanations for why and how you use tool A to accomplish goal B. He starts from the basics, giving you a strong foundation to learn more advanced material in later videos. I love how he equips his viewers to tackle their own problems. Another advantage is that the videos aren’t ROBLOX-based, so you can use the skills you learn in other modelling situations too!

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Well @jordonh23 made a topic about some Blender resources: Blender Development Resources

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