Any way I can fix this pinsetter's movement?

Hey, so I’ve been having this consistent issue with my pinsetter model. Not really sure how to fix this, or if it’s fixable, or if this is a bug on Roblox’ end. I use BodyPosition and BodyGyro on the model.

Here’s the gyazo gif of the issue:

What you’re looking for is the motion of the pinsetter after the ball goes to the end of the lane. Very, very buggy. I just tried setting all of the parts in the pinsetter to Massless off, didn’t work at all.


Chances are it’s on Roblox’ end. Firstly, it never used to do this. Secondly, I just tried using AlignOrientation instead of the Gyro and it’s still breaking.


why dont you use cframe to move the pinsetter instead of using physics? or is it based on physics to work in the first place?

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Well, since I’m working on a bowling sim game, details as small as a moving pinsetter/rake for the bowling lane would be important, something I’m not willing to give up just yet. If I use CFrame, it’ll mess up the rake, as it goes to sweep the pins back, chances are it’ll just phase right through them. Might possibly work for the pinsetter, though. I think the sweeper does glitch every now and then (clearly a bug on roblox’ end though, I mean, there’s nothing there but when the ball travels downlane it hits something and goes to the gutter. Rendering bug, undoubtedly.)

But that’s an idea. I mean, the main problem here is getting the pinsetter to perform better, and there’s no collisions occurring when it comes down or up. So I’ll definitely try that. Although I’ll have to leave the rake/sweeper as is, luckily that problem doesn’t occur that frequently, but still annoying nonetheless. I mean, I get it that Roblox added new constraints, but there’s no constraints I can use for these circumstances! I’m pretty confident these are issues on Roblox’ end, as nothing I change seems to help it whatsoever.

Thanks for that suggestion!