Any way I can improve this game icon?

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I’ve used Pixlr E as the image editing software to make this.


Will the development studio name be repeated that many times or is that just a watermark for now?
If it is supposed to be repeated that many times, I would recommend having just one of those above the game name, then make it less transparent so you can see it better.

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It’s just a watermark. Thanks for the input though. :slight_smile:

Your welcome, I’m glad to help.

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it looks good but the streamline development tag makes it look way off.

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It’s just a watermark. The final product would be the icon without the streamline development thing.

Whats the actual theme of the game? This would be important when making the logo.
From what I’ve gathered in the logo it seems like- well… I can’t really tell. Its like a town but then the name isn’t a town name so like. :confused:

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It’s similar to a game called “generic roleplay gaem”. Basically, you just grind jobs, grind money, make friends, and basically wait until you become the leader.

I’ve never played that but I think I get the idea as I’ve seen the thumbnail and stuff.

:thinking: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Maybe put a person in it or put some people running around on the road.

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Alright. Thanks for the input! :+1: