Any Way to Detect if Someone is Using the Same Machine for a Ban System?

I was making a ban system, but I wanted a way to prevent someone from recreating alternative accounts to play again. Currently, my ban system uses UserId. However, UserId is different from account to account. If possible, please provide a code snippet that works.


It’s just not possible. Roblox doesn’t give developers any access to IPs or other information that can directly link two accounts together.


Nope, as @xZylter stated, we don’t have access to IPs or MAC adresses. Nothing.

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As the two mentioned before, Roblox doesn’t allow developers to see ip’s to devs. So I would just try to be on top of banning people.

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As of now there is no way to get the IP address of a user, though there used to be one before, but that was just a bug and is resolved now.

You can only get the IP of the roblox server you’re on only. It’s remotely impossible to get IP bans or HWID bans.

If I were you, I’d keep the UserId ban, add them on a database or somewhere where you can keep the bans for every game you make etc.

Someone had told me that there was a hacky method.

I don’t believe so, it’s simple just a way of life. Ban those you can and hope that your system works well enough to ban the accounts violating the rules. As others have said, Roblox does not provide a way for developers to gather machine or IP information about the user, so IP bans are not possible.

You could do some sort of verification system on a website and log the IPs but that’s a little bit over the top and I’m not too sure if it’s allowed.

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It is indeed not allowed and not all IP’s are static. VPN’s exist too.