Any way to force RTHRO? (SOLVED)

I’m attempting to force Rthro avatar mesh and texture overlays when players spawn to maintain consistency and aesthetic but MeshId is scripting restricted (read only). Is there a character mesh equivalent for RTHRO? Game Settings>Avatar doesn’t suggest so but I could have missed an obvious solution. Thanks.

You can put the base character you would like them to have in a folder in one of the storages and then set them to that character on spawn. Lots of different methods you can use.

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Do you mean like forcing proportions to Rthro, or just changing the packages the players are wearing?

You can force Rthro proportions (and meshes?) in Game Settings → Avatar by choosing the Rthro preset. You can also manually set the proportions and the mesh IDs from this menu.




Replace the characters parts, tons of games do it. Just requires a bit of scripting, you can even make you own rig it up then put it in.

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As far as I know, you’re able to force all players to use a specific package and scaling proportions, but you can’t whitelist Rthro packages for wear only. This has to be manually set up.

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Not through game settings, no. But you can detect Rthro or not at runtime by reading the AvatarPartScaleType value object on body parts: Non-Rthro will have “Classic”, Rthro will have type “ProportionsNormal” or “ProportionsSlender”, which tell you whether the part was built intending to be used at BodyProportionType or 0 or 1 respectively.


Thanks for the solutions, I used the StarterCharacter, StarterHumanoid method, it had a small issue with the animation script but copying one from Lighting solved it.


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