Any way to ignore and whitelist stuff in the same region3?

I am trying to ignore and whitelist some stuff in the same region3, it is so that i wont need to loop trough thousands of parts, just the ones that i need.

Basically i am trying to make 2 region3’s and then ignore the stuff from the first and whitelist some other stuff too. But i am unable to whitelist those stuff, cause you cant ignore and whitelist at the same time. Which then makes me needing to loop trough thousands of unecessary parts.

I hope i explained well, i am quite bad at it.

Put the mentioned ingore instances under a folder if it’s a constant.

game.Workspace:FindPartsInRegion3(Region, FOLDEROFINSTANCESTOIGNORE, math.huge)


local Table = {workspace.Folder, workspace.Part}

game.Workspace: FindPartsInRegion3WithIgnoreList(Region, TABLEHERE, math.huge)

That will just ignore parts, i want the region3 to ignore and whitelist some parts at the same time

Why? If you don’t want to ignore some parts just don’t ignore them?

There are some special parts i want to whitelist, but then there are tons of other parts around that i want to ignore.

Then surely you just need a whitelist.

By definition anything not in the whitelist is ignored.


Region3s uses voxel grids to determine if a instance is in the region, if you are trying to avoid a lot of parts in workspace it isn’t necessary, that’s what ignore is for.

i am not smart today, i completely forgot that. I have no idea what i was thinking.

Well, this is embarrasing

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