Any way to make a leaderboard without ordereddatastore?

So right now in my game im planning on storing player data like kills and wins in separate datastores, and then another datastore with their inventory and equipped items but I wanted to first see if there was a way to just put that all in one datastore and somehow get an ordered list of specific keys in the datastore.

As I remember, OrderedDSS is needed to do that. Otherwise you would need to query ALL player’s datastores and find the value you want to measure/compare.
A leaderboard requires to use the OrderedDSS. Even if you are adding a second datastore just to handle the leaderboard, still more efficient than trying to measure a normal datastore… In which actually you would need a second datastore too, made with all players that played the game… its for sure that is the worst approach.

Having an orderedDSS is a good idea at least to me