Any way to make AlignPosition and AlignOrientation not collide?

Hey there! I’m making a virtual pet and I’d like to know how I could modify my code to make the pet not be able to collide with other objects (aka make the pet be able to go through other objects)

asset:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(player.Character.PrimaryPart.CFrame + position)
local attachment0 ="Attachment")
attachment0.Parent = asset.PrimaryPart
local attachment1 ="Attachment")
attachment1.Position = position
attachment1.Parent = player.Character.PrimaryPart
local alignPosition ="AlignPosition")
alignPosition.Attachment0 = attachment0
alignPosition.Attachment1 = attachment1
alignPosition.RigidityEnabled = false
alignPosition.Responsiveness = 5
alignPosition.Parent = asset
local alignOrientation ="AlignOrientation")
alignOrientation.Attachment0 = attachment0
alignOrientation.Attachment1 = attachment1
alignOrientation.RigidityEnabled = true
alignOrientation.Parent = asset
asset.Parent = player.Character

Thank you!

For one, please make your code preformatted using ``` code ``, otherwise its impossible to read.

Is your pet just a model? If it is, you could just use a script that goes through all the parts and sets them to Non Colloide.