Any way to type in a TextBox automaticlly?

Hi! My name is Div. I have a problem with my check-in system for my Hotel group. Is there any way to let someone automaticlly typing in a TextBox via code?
Would be really helpfull!

Thank you.
Stay safe and be happy,

What do you mean, by default you can already type in a textbox? Do you mean check what’s typed? I mean in that case you could have a text button or something for people to click that’ll send a request to see what’s inside the textbox > you could fire an event when enter was pressed or something. There’s a lot of things you could do to check it, but again textbox’s by default already let you type in them.

So basiclly I have a button. When I click this button it get dark and small. At this point the TextBox makes me to atuomaticlly type in there. So like, I press button → TextBox let me type in it via a script.

TextBox:CaptureFocus() forces the player to focus on a textbox