Anyone hiring a builder I'm seeking job


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone needed a part time builder. Maybe a few projects here and there. If you need one just ask me. I haven’t done major work yet but down below are some of my simple quick builds Iv’e done. I intend upon doing more but I haven’t really worked with a team constantly the work I have done with a team is very small due to the fact they just needed very little help.


The place is private at the moment.


Place is private, open it up and I would love to see your work!


Might be interested in getting more people for my project; however the game is sadly private.



You can upload videos and pictures (and even copy/paste in pictures if you’re using a snipping tool) to allow us to see your work without having to enter a place and look around. Give us something to see to get us interested instead of dropping a link and hoping we check it out - we’re busy devs, after all!

I feel like you should go the extra mile and compose an actual portfolio of your work, though. There are plenty of amazing examples in the #public-collaboration:public-portfolios section of the forums. Check out what others are doing and take some inspiration on how best to show off your own work.

If you need help with this, DM me.


I could build, send anty2003epic a PM! Good luck to everyone!


Oh shoot I’m very sorry everyone I’ll correct it being private. I never set it to private might be one of those exploits that went around with larger games but doubt it…


Still private


How much would you pay interested developers, if they were to request the job?


Ummm check again it should be fixed.


Oh this isn’t a Dev job I’m looking for one my self… What part made that confusing so I can fix the confusion.


Let’s try this again in a new thread because this one is a mess.

Please post in Public - Portfolios (#public-collaboration:public-portfolios) in the future rather than the top-level category, and follow the format when posting:

Make sure all your work is available for people viewing your portfolio (no private places).

Title your post appropriately too. Include your username in there somewhere.