Anyone in need of an animated trailer or 3d thumbnails?

Hey, I’m Kady Create
Here’s my youtube channel

Here’s some examples of my renders (You’ll have to excuse to fidget spinner one, I really didn’t want to make that :joy: )


Hiya! I love your work but I’ve recently realised you’ve posted pretty much the same thread now 3 times :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t want to be unkind at all as your work is amazing but it does get a bit annoying having the same thread worded differently come up multiple times! Hope you understand, thanks!

yeah, that’s completely understandable - It’s been almost 5 months since I last posted that, but understand that renders and animations are all that I can do, and are all that I can offer. Sorry for the repetitiveness.

Sure, no worries! Just a suggestion - if you edit a post it bumps it so from now on you could possibly just edit it for any updates :smiley:

This thread is fine. The problem with the other two was that you were advertising for someone else.


Throws money at you

Is this how I get in a video? :thinking:

Hey Kady! Might be looking for some thumbnails soon, do I still have you on Discord?

Hey, still doing? If you are let me know how to contact you!

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this was made 3 years ago I highly doubt he is still doing commissions as his last vid was a year ago

Hey @KCreate ! I’ve been watching your videos for almost hours now, and they’re amazing! Me and a few other members of our group are getting ready to release our first proper game, and were wondering how much a 30 sec-1 minute animation would cost (in rbx). If you’re keen to do some, message me on Discord (Beast #5481). If you reply, i’ll give you some more information.

Hey nice work there!, If you have some free time, go into my game and test it! I would really love to hear your feedback. And maybe we could work together someday. Thank you!