Anyone know anything about car building?


I want to start building brick cars but I can’t seem to figure it out. If anyone knows of any speed-builds, has any tips, or knows where I should start that would be great. Thanks.

Here is an example of the sort of thing I’d like to (eventually) learn how to do if it helps-


If you’d like to start building brick cars, you should know how to work with wedges. I personally think you should start off building the model/armor of the car before doing any scripting. Good luck!

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I’m not worried about the chassis, I’m just focusing on the body. And yeah, I can see wedges being important.

Get reference images. Then try follow the style using bricks and make sure you negate parts to make nice edges etc. I’ll upload a tutorial here later.


That would be really useful actually.

I agree with @LordErissh using wedges to make your car look a bit realistic in ROBLOX Studio. This method of making a realistic car is not the best.
There is a program called “Blender” ( you’ve probably heard of it ) where you can modelize anything and import it back to ROBLOX Studio.

As a modeler, I don’t recommend starting to modelize a car. It’s really complex, it requires a lot of skills and a feel for modeling it.
Try learning some basics of the Blender program, shortcuts, tips and tricks, before you start modeling a car.
There is a perfect and popular channel called “Blender Guru” and I will leave the link of it here:

But if you already got that modeling knowledge and you already know the basics of the Blender or maybe you are currently using it. Then I recommend watching the whole playlist of modeling a car:

If you don’t want to use Blender at all ( which I don’t recommend totally ) then you can get some images of the front, upper, lower, left and right side view of the car you want to make. The rest of this you probably know what to do.

Thanks for reading.


Thanks, I’ve used blender before and if I do get into using it again I won’t be trying a car lol. And yeah, blender guru is really good, I’ve watched him quite a bit before.

I’m building my first car and it’s going nicely so far (I’m a scripter mostly, I’m trying out some building). I’m using a few plugins which really help me, I’ll list those. Apart from that I really suggest using Solid Modelling (Unions and Negates, you know that stuff), how I’ve made most of my car parts is cutting out from simple bricks to make complex shapes. I also recommend having either multiple image references or one or two 3D references if it’s possible.
So for the plugins, here they are:

I think that’s it, I might be missing some things though. I’ll send an image of my car so far if anyone wants to see it. Oh and on a side note, I don’t think it’s advisable to use original car logos and names as it’s possible to have action taken against you for that. Anyways, goodbye!

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I’ve used GapFill before and sometimes it’s an absolute lifesaver when you can’t seem to get a part to perfectly join up with another manually.

Blueprints are a way to go, you can find them all over the internet, and just upload them as a decal, put them on the side of a part, How I like to do it, is in a rectangle, and make the blue prints however big you want the car to be, build the bottom first, then sides, then front and back then roof.

Or you could look at pictures and build off that, just to get a concept and duplicate sides them flip them.

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You can start by getting an easy car in mind and getting reference photos and from there just trial and error.