Anyone know how to add an exile function to roblox-js-server's "server.mod.lua"?


I am currently trying to create a script or in-game admin panel so I can get rid of bots or members very quickly. Using the current Roblox group admin page is unreliable since the page refreshes each time you exile a member, so you have to go back to the place you came from (rank and page) just to exile another member and repeat. I want to automate that process and make it quicker.

Currently, I am having trouble understanding any of what’s happening in roblox-js aside from the Lua examples provided (that’s the only coding language I can comprehend but even then I don’t know much about Lua).

I’d preferably like to keep the function in the style already set out in “server.mod.lua”. Using the promote command as an example, it looks something like this:

function groups.promote (group, userId)

It’s REALLY PAINFUL to exile these bots and I don’t want to ever again have to manually, slowly and agonizingly exile 100+ pages of bots or leave them in my group and chance a ban (I’m not overexaggerating - 100+ pages).


What do you mean by this? Do you want to add a function such as'/exile/group/user') in the server-side or in ROBLOX?

I can help you out if it’s anything non-lua, I’ve worked with roblox-js and roblox-js-server a lot and I have a decent knowledge of nodejs. If it’s lua I can’t help you there.


If I understand correctly, he wants a way to exile people with roblox-js-server.

Roblox-js-server is just an example for roblox-js, so it’s not exactly meant to be feature packed.

Your best bet would be to hope that someone else makes a pull request to add the functionality to the server part of roblox-js-server (wouldn’t be too hard since the exile function already exists in roblox-js, it’d just need to be implemented into the example). I would, however for several reasons I have no plans to contribute to roblox-js or roblox-js-server.


It’s not that hard, I did it for groupPayout instead of Exile but it was a bit dodgy because r-j-s is a bit outdated and I had to change the version in package.json to make it work (breaking some other functions in the process probably)


@colbert2677 If you really want to exile them quickly I coded something that exiles individuals in a rank or multiple ranks, and I’d be willing to do it for you as a once off I guess, let me know if you want that.


Forgot to update the thread. No longer required, necessarily, but will look at such a question like this again in the future.