Anyone know of an effective catalog?

I made a game : [old] 🧡Try on animations and catalog items🧡 - Roblox
But the catalog in game is not very good , anybody know a better catalog ? (I don’t know how to make mine xD)

You can add more items from the catalog.

I already have a catalog ingame but it is not very good

You can add your own assets by either using the conventional rbxassetid:// marketplace id or using json programmatically to loop through them with the rest api source of[catalog id]

an example is for my t shirt that being the api of

to excert this you will need to decode the json data then treat it as a table.

I’m not very good at scripting lol

I mean that I want to make automatic catalog , not manual

Yes your script fetches the latest catalog in a for loop with the API

uh … yes, but so could you give me an idea of ​​the script?

I know I’m late but: I don’t think we can use this kind of API in roblox anymore