Anyone know what script they use?

Hello Devfourm, I have been playing alot of roleplay games and thinking of making my own with some friends. I have come up with a issue tho. I have no idea what system they are using for their ranktags. It has custom icons overhead and color changing rank text if you switch teams.

What I mean.
Screen Shot 2021-08-28 at 8.35.14 PM
^ You cant really see the rank but its black because his team color is black

Is there any scripts that are like that?


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Ok so which is the part you don’t understand? I can’t tell which is the part you’re trying to find.

You’ll have to do it yourself.
Parent a BillboardGUI to a player’s head and then add in icons and such depending on their rank.


Uh I don’t know, I am still figuring it out.