Anyone want make a Police/Criminal group me and you? - ROBLOX

Hello, I am wondering If anyone wants to partner up and make a police/criminal group?


Roles You Can add if you want:

Prisoner - Starter Rank
Trainee - Rank you get after 1st training (passed)
Corporal - Rank you get after 2nd or 3rd (passed)
Sergeant - Rank you get after 3rd or 4th (passed)
Lieutenant - Rank you get after 4th or 5th (passed)
Captain - Rank you get after 5th or 6th (passed)
Chief - Rank you get after 6th or 7th (passed)
Commander - Rank you get after 7th or 8th (passed)
Moderation - When hired - Moderator or Administrator Role
Director/Co-Owner - @tysyaka - me
Director/Owner - @youthathelpsmemakeagroup - you


The, “(passed)” thing they need to pass the training to achieve that role.


Become a prisoner, or a police officer. Choice is yours.

Become a Officer by going/attending to the training.

Co-Owner Tysyaka
Owner - (your username)

Thanks, we hope you have a good time!

How to contact me

Devforum, or roblox.

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