Anything I can improve on this?

So I did an Apple Pro Display XDR, with the stand. I was wondering if there was anything that I could improve to make it better. Leave you thought’s down below.


I think you did a very good job at modeling it however the decals on the keyboard just seem very off with the rest of it. Consider adding actual keys and removing that spiral design (even though it is on the real model).


It’s a very nice creation but also extremely small and simple. It’s very hard to give constructive suggestions when there is so little to go off of. As a result my suggestion would be to use what you have here to create something bigger, like a full-on office for example. This way you have more room for creativity on your part than if you are simply modeling real-life objects.


Useally a apple monitor design has a curve2686384968768048170


I like the detail with the air holes. Looks so realistic to the real life one with the holes.


I really like how much detail this has, especially on the back of the screen, good job! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: Here are a few suggestions I got though:

  • Maybe add a mouse. This can add an extra detail.

  • If you’re creating a sort of setup I’d recommend making a more detailed table with drawers ect.

  • A hand made chair. I’d only use the free model ones as a temporary chair as it makes the whole thing look unprofessional in my opinion.

  • Maybe add some table decorations. Plant, can of soda, photo/picture, ect.

  • If it’s a computer in an office one thing you could do something like this:

  • Something about the keyboard looks a little off to me. I think it’s because they need more detail / a better detailed decal/texture.

  • I can’t tell if it’s just the angle but the keyboard stand looks bigger than it should be:

Hope some of these suggestions helped!
It’s a great start and good luck with your future builds! Keep up the good work!


maybe add cords coming out of the back of the screen?

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All of the Apple devices are a All-In-One so it doesn’t need chords to connect to anything in my opinion.


I think you should use less decals, and instead of the negated off corners of the screen, use cylinders for a more round shape. So the same for the corners of the stand. Make the greys lighter, and make the transition from the stand vertical plate to the stand horizontal plate more smooth, instead of a 90 degree angle. This will make the Apple thing seem more premium

I think you’ve done a great job! If anything, I’d suggest making the keyboard smaller as it appears to be almost the same size as the screen.

Curving the edges of the screen, as @chrisspoopoo2365 has suggested, is also a good idea.

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I think it looks good. Pretty much everything I want to say has been said. One thing I’d change is these corners: image

Typically on Apple devices, they’re curved. That shape seems a little too straight for the corner of an Apple device. Keep up the great work, though!

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That is what I typically struggle with, since I have to merge a lot of part’s together to create that round union. Using cylinder’s comes a problem too, if there is any tip’s you could provide that would be great!

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If you’d like, I can make you a mesh for it. You’ll have to color it and such.

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Yes, that would be great! Thank you so much!

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I’ll do it once Roblox is back up and running.

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