AoT grappling system. (Un-finished)

Wow, I made a grappling system. Not as good as @x_o’s though…

Any kind of feedback is welcome.

I made this in an hour. :grin:


Although it’s not as neat as x_o’s it’s still really neat! I would increase the FOV when you’re grappling so it looks like you’re moving super fast.


Wow. Only an hour? I’m going to call you a liar. There is no way you made the grapple and the animation in only an hour. It looks great and really fun to play with. I would like some kind of an obby with this as a tech test. I really want to try this out.

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Looks cool, keep on doing that! :slight_smile:

Of course not, that’d be unthinkable. I only scripted it not animate silly.

The animations were made BEFORE I started scripting it.

Oh I see. Nice scripting. I’m guessing you also built the thing?

Nope, that was pre-made as well. I only scripted things.

ah ok. I see. I suck at scripting so that seems really impressive to me.

Should make it realistic, try using bodythrust and new constraint “Spring / Rope / etc”
Also adding beam with a texture of a grappling rope that were not straight, and as width decreases quickly.
with it should make things realisticly good.

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