API to get universes by last updated / sorted by id

I’ve been looking through the games API and was looking for a way to get a list of games through /v1/games/list that would not change its ordering due to some backend calculation.

I’ve looked through the /v1/games/sorts but all these seem to be sorts that would constantly change the ordering of returned items.
Some of these sorts also confuse me as it seems they seem to be filters instead (Roleplay/Adventure/etc sorts) and as there exists a genreFilters part inside the returned object I expected them to be in there.
In general the use of the various parameters seem vague and I have not been able to find a page that details these more.

Is there a page detailing the parameters given in more detail than the /docs page?
Is it possible get a list of universes ordered by last updated or its universeId?
Since I was unable to find anything about API usage in the terms and conditions, is it even allowed to use these endpoints through something other than the main roblox site as a user?

Edit: Also asked around in the roblox discord, some of the suggestions below.
The use of /v1/search/universes which requires a creator so that is not able to do what I want to use it for.
The use of /v1/games/list without any sorts or filters which would mean the use of around 400.000 requests every time I would want to check for recently updated games along with manual sorting and no guarantee that the order of games wouldnt change during those requests.
The use of model.timeFilter, model.SortPosition and model.SortOrder, without any explanation as to what you are supposed to put into SortPosition and SortOrder these seemed to not do anything, even the timeFilter token taken right out of /v1/games/sorts seemed to not change anything about the results given.

So still looking for any and all suggestions on how to achieve something like this.