Apocalypse Rising 2 Alpha Changelog 12/11/2018

  • Added three new vest items: Safari Vest, Militia Vest, and Militia Bandolier

  • Changed base damage for some firearms, and the headshot damage multiplier for most firearms (not all firearms deal 1.75x damage for a headshot anymore)

  • Changed the server size back to 20

  • Changed empty ammo box behavior, dropping them will now destroy them

  • Changed hit registering to better avoid trade kill situations

  • Changed random player spawning to try to favor better spawn positions

  • Optimized animation network and rendering

  • Optimized character position validator

  • Optimized various raycasting implementations

  • Optimized various slow UI elements

  • Improved responsiveness on some inventory management actions

  • Changed some aspects regarding firearms:

    • Firearms now attach to the hand
    • Firearms now have animation-ready action parts
    • Firearm shoot position casting now better detects “head glitching”
  • Changed some aspects regarding bullets:

    • Will NOT replicate tracers or bullet “whiz” sounds for shots made by squad members
    • WILL replicate tracers and bullet “whiz” sounds if you’re being kicked or are leaving the squad
    • Adjusted replication order to better handle close quarters shots
  • Fixed ammo count failing to update when transferring between boxes or magazines

  • Fixed green particles when shooting doors and windows

  • Fixed players not animating until a player-driven state change occurred

  • Fixed usage animations reaching for your pocket for the first few frames

  • Fixed item stat previews not disappearing properly from stat bars


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