Appeal Center Verification

Hey Developers.

I am wanting to work on an Appeal Center for my game but I have run into an issue with verifying discord tags.

How would I go about making sure the user’s discord account and tag are legit?

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Ensure it contains a # and 4 + numbers.

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I’ve already done that, I want to actually check if its valid tho.

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You would have to use an external application to check though discord.js or the discordAPI to see if they exist.

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Figured, Is there any api that is already done for this type of stuff?

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Not to my knolage you would have to ask someone like @ClanAtlas for it or maybe @UsedSpxse

There is an api tho I cant remember the name of it.

There are a few approaches to verify the user’s identification, both secure or anonymous (capable to enter any Discord tag).


  • there’s an endpoint for Discord that returns the User Structure if given their ID, which involves complications for them. To gain the Discord ID, they need to have developer tools enabled and would have to right-click their username. You’d need to instruct them on this. Anyone can use any Discord tag if you’re going for this method.

GET /users/{} (Discord API)


  • to achieve this, you’d need to have a Discord bot that verifies users and supports an API to get their Discord by their username. This is more recommended if you want the user to reveal their true identity, although, they must be verified with the bot. You could use:

Edit: I didn’t try a bot service, so I can’t clarify if anything works as intended.

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Thank you so much, I will look into this.