Appearing Portal Problem

Hello, I’m struggling to figure out how to do something. I’ve been trying to make a “portal appear” by using proximity prompt. but whenever I try it never works…

Here are some pictures v

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 8.30.37 pm

I’m not very great at scripting, so. I had tried multiple video tutorials but nothing really worked.

the red neon part is the button/ parent of the proximity prompt.
And the White Neon thing is the portal.

You can try, with no special effect such as Tweening, putting the neon part in ServerStorage (if the script is ServerScript), or ReplicatedStorage/Lighting (if the script is LocalScript). Then you can do some parenting and it should work.

sorry I dont have a script for the button. the problem was that i cant make a script that works.

Sorry for the late reply

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You need a script for the portal to appear. There is no other way

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