Application for Advanced Recon Program

--------ARP APPLICATION---------

  1. What is an ARC Trooper?

  2. What do you call Officers (Ensign and above)

  3. Do you have any unique talents or abilities that could possibly contribute to ARP/ARC?

  4. Have you set yourself any challenges if you get into ARP/ARC?

  5. Have you ever previously been associated with gun groups?

  6. How would you rate your combat proficiency? (guns and swords)

  7. Do you have a working microphone to communicate more effectively on our Discord?

  8. Do you acknowledge all rules you will be taught and if you break them you will suffer consensus?

  9. How much time are you willing to put into ARP/ARC?

  10. If someone was insulting you what would you do?

Once you are done send your answers as a PM here: ARPApps

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