Apply to be featured in the Halloween sort... if you dare!

Spooky tidings, developers!

Tell me, is there anything better than fall? The crisp breeze brushing past your cheek, the sound of leaves crunching beneath each step, and the chance for your game to be featured in a special Halloween sort…

That’s right, you read that correctly - We’re opening applications for an exclusive sort that will be live from October 23rd until just after Halloween. The sort will feature games that are spooky, mysterious, scary, or otherwise embrace the spirit of Halloween!

Fill out the application if your game fits the Halloween theme or has a spooky seasonal update: (Applications will close on October 19th @ 5PM PST)

If your game is selected, you’ll see it appear in the sort on October 23rd :ghost:

Thank you,
Developer Relations


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Sounds like an amazing opportunity- good luck to all who apply! image

Woah, does this mean you can recommend games to be featured? That’s a great thing to add to the survey. Always asking the community, as usual. :spider:


I’m not too sure what the point of this question is- why would a game even be considered if it didn’t have Halloween content by the deadline? :fallen_leaf:

Regardless, this sounds fantastic. Good luck! :spider_web:


:jack_o_lantern: This is going to be fun! Glad to see an attempt by Roblox to improve its currently lousy game discovery. A few questions:

  • When will the survey close? I want to submit my game, but I don’t know how soon I can have the update finished.

  • Does this mean that I don’t necessarily need to add Halloween content to submit my game, or is it just to confirm that games submitted actually are related to Halloween.

EDIT: Answers from staff:


This is awesome! I have applied.


This a wonderful opportunity. I was updating my game with some new spooookky Hallloween-themed updates to one of my games. Now that this sort is being planned out, now is the perfect chance and opportunity for me to be able to have my game come back alive again.

Must I say, this is a great way to bring the community together. I look forward to the future of the variety from the game sorts!


This is a really amazing opportunity for ANY game that embraces the Halloween spirit, especially the way smaller ones to get more attention and hopefully become more noticed on the platform!
Good luck to everyone who applies…


Hopefully tons of games will be added within the sort so they can be featured. Best of luck to everyone who applies! :jack_o_lantern:


i’m a bit caught on the fence, if you own a game that makes a completely halloween themed update, is it still elligible for the sort, or does the game have to revolve around halloween?


Amazing!!! Cant wait to apply, first I am going to ask my partner!


We will stop accepting submissions on October 19.

Games without Halloween content will not be considered for the sort.


boutta hotdrop btd2 please accept us thanks
main server will go live like a couple days prior but here’s the test server


Ah so, we’re getting a Halloween sort.

Will we get any other holiday sorts? Maybe Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc? Do you plan to do this annually?


Are group games allowed? Asking.


Exciting news for the games that really put effort into their Halloween content, definitely will consider going after this. A few questions:

Any idea on what position the Halloween Sort will be on for the games page?
How will the games be ranked on this sort? Will the sort be similar to the Play Together sort, in that the game order is randomly scrambled each time you refresh the page?


I honestly can’t wait to play some spooky horror games! :smiley:

RIP Horror Game era.


Yes, as long as it’s a game with Halloween content, it’s allowed. :ghost:


What exactly is qualified as “Halloween Content”? Would simple decorations suffice or would it require more then that?


More than decorations. Like a story or a halloween map.


Wait, so I can submit the projects without Halloween content before the cut off date for submissions as long as I put the content in before the 22nd?

And in one of the questions does “Early Access” mean paid access? As I have a free game that’s in Alpha, would that be what it means?

And the same question @OutlookG has, is what qualifies as “Halloween Content”? Would a Halloween based/related quest work? A map with some Halloween decorations? Would like some more clarification on this.

Are there any more specific requirements that I’m not thinking of that my game needs to qualify for a spot in the Halloween sort?

Just want some clarification, thanks.