Appointment System not working

Hi, I have tried so many ways to try and get this appointment system to work but there is no way I can get it to work. All of the scripts are correct but when I type in a user and a reason nothing pops up on the GUI display. I bought this for around 2k robux from someone who made it specially for us but I couldn’t get it to work. Here is the video they sent me which was supposing to work.
Link: CD| Development Sneek Peek #1 - YouTube
I hope I can get some help on this as I am doing a commission for a dental practice.

No errors are showing up either.

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Could you send the model or at least a barebones version of it? We can’t fix it if we can’t see the code.

What actually is the problem? And can we see the scripts

Yes, I am going to log on to studio shortly so I can send like the model/scripts. Basically when you type the username and reason into the computer bit, nothing shows up on the main screen gui.

Nothing happens at all. I am confused about it, I am only a beginner scripter as well.

I’d recommend contacting the person who made it for you.

AppointmentSystem - Roblox Here is the model sorry it took so long

Try this:
AppointmentManager.rbxl (53.9 KB)

Also, next time you should ask the guy who made it for you.