Aquaville | Alliance Guide

Here at Aquaville we like to have alliances to ensure that we are keeping up with other groups. Being in an alliance at Aquaville means that you work together, host game nights and special events. Alliances are essential towards our company’s success.

These are the requirements for having an alliance with us.

100+ ACTIVE players
A frequently updated group
Professional employees/staff members
A discord
2 Ally Representatives for our group
Willing to shout events with us

How to Apply
To apply you must message or DM a Chief Relations Officer+, with the following:

Group Name:
Group Owner:
Group Link:

  1. Why would you like to apply for an alliance here?

  2. How will this benefit our group?

  3. What would you like to get out of this alliance?

  4. What groups is your group allied with?

  5. Describe your group.

  6. Any further questions?


We love to have alliances here at Aquaville, so as long as you meet these requirements feel free to send a request to us.

Any further questions feel free to message someone from our Relations Department.

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