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About Me

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! Let me introduce myself - I am Arcuatus, a multi-task developer. :wink:
I have been on Roblox for 5 years now, joined devforum in 2016.

While I specialize in building, UI design and animating, I do have intermediate knowledge in programming, GFX and 3D modelling.

Currently I am… not looking for jobs


Q: omg are u brazilian do u speak spanish
A: I am brazilian, in fact I was one of the first brazilians to be accepted into the devforum - and yes, I will translate your game to brazilian portuguese for free cokiees and your soul (negotiable).

Q: Are you willing to be paid in Limiteds?
A: No I am not, sorry.

Q: What are you doing on my sofa

Q: Can I see your past works?
A: Below, I have posted a link to a few of my past jobs and if you want you may check my twitter account!


You can view most of my projects in my trello portfolio, here.

Alternatively you can click here to see my latest works.


I have worked for a great variety of groups, thus I have acquired experience in several themes.


I’m available every Saturday, most Holidays and on Winter/Summer break.


I charge rather low prices/percentages depending on the project, but may charge more or less than the average.

Contractors offering payments in US Dollar will be given preference. I do NOT accept payment in limiteds, but will accept R$ (either through group payout or revenue percentage).

HOWEVER if your project attract my attention, I don’t charge at all.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on the following media:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Looks good, I’ll refer to you if I need building assistance or game translation.

But what are you doing on my sofa?


Great to see someone up offering the ability for game localization, I’ll be sure to refer to you if I need!


Arcuatus is a totally epic gamer and you should hire him :sunglasses: