Are 1-click purchase buttons allowed?

No shop UI or anything just click and purchase. Are those allowed?

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By this do you mean that if you show a sample of an item in game and a title of Buy with 1 click and the logic behind it checks all that is required but does not give the player a chance to say ‘No I don’t want it’ then I think that is Not allowed.


Vid example of what i mean…

So If I click Buy and I do have the funds to buy it do I get an option to stop my request before it goes through or is that it.
I am asking as we are in a young players arena and they do make mistakes.

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yes i don’t think there is a way to remove the roblox ui

This is completely fine and allowed on Roblox.

I personally recommend against it. It’s bad UX design. I know many simulators and tycoons do this tho. I personally would rather include a description of what the item will do/etc.


I saw a game that had many of those and got deleted
Owner said his game closed because of the GUI so that is why i am asking

I think it was because the UI overlapped with the movement UI on touchscreen but not sure.

There must have been another underlying reason for that. Or his UI could be misleading. If you click buy and the prompt UI tells you ‘Speed Coil’ or whatever, and when you buy it, you get the correct item then there’s nothing wrong with that.

As I mentioned before though is that just having a ‘Buy’ button can be a bad User Experience choice, as the player doesn’t know what they’re buying, and even though with on site purchases it has a prompt that allows them to cancel, if you have in game currency, they might think it will take their currency and they won’t be sure what it gives them.


I know,
I only named it “buy” as an example.
I would name it the item name otherwise.


Not sure if what you describe is like this. Someone once asked me to test a clicking game (like cookie clickers) they refined the clicking space to exact spot the buy button would be on a promptpurchase. I didnt think much of it and just started clicking for money, when the prompt popped up i accidentally bought a devproduct for 1k. I can’t imagine that type of purchase buttons are a allowed at all.


This was a popular scam going around for a while