Are Anime Game(s) Play worthy?

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I recently had this crazy idea of making an anime game. I really like anime but I discovered that people call anime the ‘bad names’ which cannot be mentioned in this forum, if you get the idea. In short, I would like to make an anime One Piece game but I have no idea if majority like that type. Yes, there have been many one piece games, but for me, they’re all very shallow and have no content that is likable beside


Real anime or even manga readers of this may know the true reason they love OP and I’m pretty sure it’s because they are eager to see devil fruits.

Anyway, apart from that, who else is just thirsty for a good OP game? I have really great ideas and just need to know if people actually like this particular anime. Do you think this project may be worth my time?

Would appreciate if you dropped a coment <3

Side Note: I am not trashing any game(s) in any way. Just an honest opinion.


I don’t understand what you mean by Unfairness

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Once a player gets Over powered The games purpose just dies. if its pay to win or not. Alot of players wouldn’t be bothered making their way up the leader board to have Fair encounters with that player, it would get boring in my opinion.


I think the issue I have with them is a lot of anime games feature intellectual property developers on Roblox aren’t allowed to use, so I instantly avoid them. There’s one game I know of in particular that avoids this though. They’re able to feature recognizable features in a lot of different animes without it using copyrighted content they aren’t supposed to, and in my opinion it works well.

I’d say go for it, but don’t make it based off of an actual anime and use IP you don’t have the rights to.


I may be contradicting this, but, isn’t this the main reason why people come back to so many games? Striving to surpass others. I think one of the aspects is that games should be competitive.

I mean, who would want to play a game which you reach max level in like 2 days? For me, any game that I reach max level in becomes boring all of a sudden since there’s no anticipation at all. Also, I think any player who reaches max level earned it and the fact that he or she one shots you rekindles the drive to become way better than him, which is a monetization strategy managed by the players themselves. and may lead to people buying dev products or play way more.

I think you may be referring to the amount of grind? Which I think is way more than should be btw


Thanks :slight_smile:

I am interested on how they do this. Some games like Blox piece intentionally name bosses like Blackbeard to Dark Beard. Is this the way they do this?

Sorry I am not into Highschool anime so I have no idea how this game does this

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Personally, I see no issue with watching anime. I used to enjoy it, and even watch it often.

However, with anime games on the platform, I don’t really agree with them as they are being created from copyrighted material. On top of being created from copyrighted material, the users behind them (a lot of the time) gain revenue.

A good idea would to make a game inspired by your favourite anime, yet add your own ideas and concepts to it (and don’t make it too obvious that it’s based upon a certain anime). Original ideas are quite important to keep your game separated from the rest.


If you are going to make a anime game like Dragon Ball Rage, add a script where people with a lower level than other, the other play can’t attack him unless he attacks him. But I don’t know if I would play it… 60% chance to play it

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It depends on how the player makes the game, they could make it so there is overpowered characters, or they could make it as everyone’s equal, it all depends on the player.

This is not true, as beyond for example, becoming susanoo and/or nine tails (most powerful), dosent mean someone’s over powered

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Most people call them “bad” because usually they are just poorly made grinding games made to farm money. Unlike most simulators these games usually have more content but they can be quite tedious especially when high powered players just dominate lower powered players because the developers don’t care to add fail-safes. Especially with the younger fan base on the site often times kids will just camp out spawns and one-tap people that walk out because they find it funny. In my eyes anime is one of those things that you either like or you don’t. There isn’t really much of an in between based on how the genre is, that being I can 100% understand the dislike for the game and why people find them boring.

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I see majority of anime games not worthy to play due to the fact that they’re either made for the hype of a popular new series for robux and abandon it, Generic and bland games that are the same, a brainless grind game with no actual goal with obvious pay to win spinners/mechanics, or a community based game which usually gets really toxic and that’s No Good as sonic would say.

It’s rare to see a decent anime game these days, if you’re going to make a anime game (Especially a one piece game) DON’T make it like the examples above, maybe add a story quest and unique gameplay and enough content that can satisfy without making people shut off their brains and fight against the same mod for 3 hours just to get from 127 to 128.

Most of all, use your imagination. :slight_smile:

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Intellectual Property aside (which is both going to be a common concern and is not the point of this topic), I’m going to say right now that if you don’t intend to add anything unique to your game, then there’s going to be very little value in your game.

Anime games right now follow a very standard and overly rehashed pattern of the same mechanisms with a different coat of paint - they’re simulators. You train, you gain a power akin to a power seen in the source series and then you kill other players. There’s a special exception for some types such as Attack on Titan games which follow a mission-style gameplay; these are acceptable as rehashes because every mission can be different and opens opportunities to make different clear objectives and the like.

You need to think outside the box and differently when it comes to an anime-based game. What is going to make yours different from the hundreds already out there? How do you intend to scale and keep players engaged, or incentivise engagement? Think of the anime prospect as simply a coat of paint and focus on the fundamental concepts of your game, as per this category.

Good luck.


I really enjoy anime games for the ability to act out some of my favorite scenes from various shonen that I’ve enjoyed throughout the years (part of the reason I enjoyed dbz games so much), what holds these games back for me is the dullness of the grind to get more powerful, instead of coding myself a script on autohotkey and going out to lunch, why not make the grind more immersive and fun so that getting more powerful feels like an achievement instead of me making some quick code to get more power.

I’m also making a one piece based game except I’m plan making it more unique. How you may ask well;

  1. The game is going to be more realistic
  2. The game is going to be more different in terms of design
  3. There are no stats in game

And much more, my goal is to make mine stand out from others by implementing systems such as:

  1. Auction System
  2. Heavy death penalty
  3. Bank and Storage
  4. Custom Items and bosses
  5. Boss eggs to summon bosses
  6. Dungeons and relics
  7. Durability on items and relics
  8. Enchants and blacksmiths
  9. Story mode + Open world
  10. Tons of quests and algorithms to create a “Cycle” with npcs
  11. and much more

Overall, the more unique your game is the better.

Safe zone does exist, you should know.

I have a similar idea with even much more reference to the series and wayy more realistic features. Considering I have similar ideas to some of yours, how about we collaborate :wink: ?. I am heavily driven to providing to the community and making a name for myself on Roblox.

Apart from that, I would like to thank everyone for giving your opinions and I have heavily considered everything you have pointed out.
Much love :heart:

As of what I’ve seen, anime games are quite attractive. There are many on the front page, and honestly a lot of people seem to enjoy anime. Personally, I’m a fan of more realistic games, but that’s just my opinion. It might be attractive to people depending what you add into the game.

I agree

But, sometimes I seem to go overboard with Realism

Are there any limits you can suggest to realism? There are obvious ones such as setting a player’s health equivalent to real life or Anime real life, where the players die really hard and this makes PVP fights even worth to stop your grind and actually watch, just like in the real anime :wink:

Okay, no more spoilers

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