Are attributes ever an optimal choice?

So, i’ve recently heard that attributes are bad, and that I shouldn’t use them, granted, they’re more complicated than i think they should be, but why is that, and in what cas does adding an attribute become more useful than just placing value objects in a configuration instance.

personally I think attributes are way more organized then adding tons of values as a child of a instance
I don’t think it is bad at all


I think it’s mainly down to personal preferences and not much else

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attributes are mainly more useful than object values if you use boolValues to check for states in certain game objects

let’s say you want an npc that plays its animation on the client rather than on the server, so you use attributes and listen to :GetAttributeChangedSignal(“isWalking”), for example

Using boolValues would be tedious & messy in the workspace if you have a lot of states that you probably wouldn’t even touch in other scripts