Are ClickDetectors good to use?

EDUCATE ME! Easy and simple question: Are click detectors good to use? Reply with your answer below. With or without specific scenarios you’d use one or not.


It generally depends on context.

If you’re making a small game, you might want to use Roblox’s default click detection system. Roblox’s default click detectors are super easy to use, and there’s many tutorials on how to use them.


  • Fast to create (insert instance to basepart)
  • Easy to script (detector.Clicked : returns the player instance)


  • No default security, an exploiter can just fire the click event from any distance.
  • Looks bad in most instances

But in most instances when you’re making a serious game, you’re going to want to make your own system, as you can customize it to however you want, and it will most likely look better (depending on your skill set).


How would you suggest going about making your own?


What I would do is simply make a GUI appear in the proximity of the part, replacing the the clickdetector, and fire an event to improve the security.

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