Are Decals easier to render than 3D objects

I’m making trees in my game and I don’t really care what they look like since the player isn’t really going to interact with them.

so the question is, is it better for lag/low-spec devices to use Decals on a part or is it better to use 3D objects trees to reduce lag?

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Huh you mean a Picture of a tree or a real 3D tree?

If you used decal :
Used more storage and will use more if the decal is HD.
Will cause more lag if the picture is PNG and your lighting is Future or realistic.
But if you use them for the edge of the map. this could be ok.

If you use 3D :
as longest the trees are Low poly or blocky it is fine, (The low poly must be tidy and no random). it will use lower storage. If you want 3D better use parts then mesh parts or union it will be more friendly device.
3D will need more device support so if the bad device is CPU or GPU the game could have Graphics problem (but that is for old device).

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