Are DevForum Staff Above The Rules?

questions and why?
I came across a picture of a DevForum staff saying “i can break the rules” which got me
curious, are DevForum staff above the rules?
Are they allowed to break them? Can they
remove anybody they want for no reason?

I have nothing against the staff or
DevForum i am just curious on if this
is true or not, nobody is above the law
but are staff above the DevForum rules?

Can you awnser this for me?

Can you link us to it?


I am also a bit curious about this

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If you’re referring to my joke topic, it’s a joke. Everyone adheres to the rules including staff, but in this case I’m bending them a little bit for the sake of fun. That topic is certainly spam, but it’s contained and in a category nobody is intended to read. Bulletin board is a category you are not meant to read, but rather to post updates and share game/community information.

Probably don’t copy me. But at the same time, very few people will care as long as the global and category rules are followed, and it doesn’t get out of control.


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Sorry, but how on earth is this anything to do with you believing that a game between forum staff makes them above the rules?


Please, stop spamming your thread with miniscule bump posts. Also, don’t accuse others of lying when they simply just quoted your post.



The Developer Forum is run by professionals and their attitude reflects that.

Staff are allowed to remove members from the forum at their discretion as described in our forum rules: Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum