Are fictional viruses allowed?

Hi, I’m trying to make a game centered around the research and exposure to fictional viruses. I’m concerned that Roblox TOS may prohibit fictional viruses. I do not intend to depict any real life viruses. This would be entirely fictional like those depicted in games such as Subnautica and Halo. Stuff like zombie viruses, effect viruses, transmittable ones etc.

I’m unsure on the view Roblox moderation may take on these, despite the fact that absolutely no homage to real viruses or other diseases will be given. These plagues will all be apart of the game/group’s lore.

To specify, I’m talking about viruses that affect players, not software/hardware. Comparable to the cold or something rather than malware lol.

Any advice is appreciated =)

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Uhm, I don’t think you’re allowed to insert a virus (even if its clean?) into a game/model. Or are you trying to do something else?

Sorry, I mean to specify, viruses that would physically affect the player, such as a plague that may transmit from one to another. Not a technical virus capable of altering soft/hardware.

Like an infection game? If so I think you’re allowed to do that. (Just don’t make it similar to cough)


Heh, yeah, that’s my primary concern that Roblox may dislike the kind of game given the current pandemic.

There are infection games on Roblox like Infectious Smile, Noob Infection, ect. But they are very different from Coronavirus. Try to make your infection different? Or you could wait until the pandemic is over, where I am infections have been low.

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Yeah, I mean, I think it’d be interesting to explore custom viruses and I definitely don’t like the idea of having real viruses in my game because such topics are really sensitive to a lot of people. It would do no one any favours to relive COVID-19 virtually lol.


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Why would COVID not be allowed?

Is it clearly that SARS-COV-2 is not allowed on Roblox, because of the fact that the word is censored on the Roblox chat, and the search bar for games/assets.

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