Are game passes that promise the player something that a developer has to manually add allowed?

There are several badge walk games on Roblox that let the player gather tons of free badges. A lot of these games let players buy a game pass so they can get a badge of themselves in the game, however this process is not automatic. The developer has to manually add in the badge after looking through their sales to see who has bought the game pass. Is this type of thing be allowed?

There is no way to tell if a developer is really going to add the badge in. What if someone buys it after a developer decides to quit Roblox? It also seems like a really easy way to scam someone. I just want to see people’s opinions on wether or not these types of game passes are allowed.


Wait, I don’t understand your question. Are you implying that if the player gets the gamepass, the owner creates the gamepass and gives it to the player, or is it if the owner uses an existing gamepass and gives it to the player? Any way is possible, and I believe it is allowed. A badge is a 3d item from the game and really holds no real world value. However, scamming a user is different from adding a misleading gamepass.

A prime example of a misleading gamepass is this:

“If you buy this gamepass, I will create a badge for you personally.”

This is misleading because there are many variables in this claim/promise. First of all, the owner does not specify when he will give it to you. However, a scamming gamepass will not give you what you want as promised, and has a high chance of being in the sorts of “Not Allowed”

Honestly, it is one of those things where the owner can specify that he did not say when he will give it to him (player), and can be anytime the owner pleases.

But, at the end of day, even with the many variables enacted on misleading and scamming a user, I have to say that it has a high chance of being not allowed, considering this is not giving the user what is intended asap.

tldr; misleading and scamming gamepasses are probably not allowed, so keep that in mind. Be aware on what you buy, and anything can change the overall meaning of the virtual powerup, which is gamepasses.


Im talking about gamepasses that promise things in game like a personal badge or statue. The developer has to actually put it in, and it isn’t automatically scripted.

I agree, even though many of the people that make these sort of game passes are trusted, it can be misleading, and there really isn’t any confirmation that you will actually get it. The owner can even work around, like you said, and never give it because “they never said when.”

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I can’t speak on if this is allowed or not, but I would not advise making this your monetization strategy because it is not scalable if your game happens to go more viral than you expect.

However, one of your examples

You could technically automate this by cloning their character while they join the game, make it look like a statue, and put the statue in a place not yet used by any other player with the gamepass. This also may not be scalable at large numbers.

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Yeah I agree. If a game goes viral, these types of game passes can cause the creator of the game problems. There may be ways to technically make these game passes automatic, but I think it would be better if I just made fully automatic game passes.