Are members still able to post in regular-ranked-categories via #bullet-Board?

Quite literally the title. It used to be a thing but I’m confused if it is still possible due to these recent restrictions imposed on members.

What you’re referring to is post-approval, and even then, I believe it was recently changed (when it was around) so that you don’t do it via #bulletin-board. Post-approval, as of right now, is not running.

Members cannot post in #platform-feedback whatsoever, which is calling for an immediate establishment of a new PA-like system. Just please be patient and do not use #development-discussion to have your post be moved to #platform-feedback.


Any news when this PA-like system will be rolled out?

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Unfortunately, no. I believe it was supposed to come out this September, but the delay seems quite problematic. Hopefully, the wait doesn’t last too long.