Are meshparts good for roblox? Do they improve efficiency and performance?

Players complain about lag in my game even though I did what I could to keep the scripts working nicely.

My next attempt will be decreasing the part count. Will this work? I will make the maps entirely out of meshparts.


My game relies on roblox physics. Will part count matter? My maps have like 5000 to 15000 parts.

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Here’s a few pointers:
If a Part isn’t Anchored it will interact with other Parts and Players, or has its CanCollide on then a player can interact with it. If I have a place with MANY small Parts I’ll turn the Collision off and make sure they’re all Anchored, then put a simple large Transparent CanCollide Part in so players will touch that.
5000 to 15000 Parts shouldn’t be an issue, unless they are really close together and the player is interacting with many of them.
Did you check to see if you have any scripts running while the game is playing, possibly from Plugins that have been copied and corrupted? Sometimes these plugins will add scripts to your game in really odd places, but they still cause issues.

How do I check for plugins? I may have a plugin that is causing my untracked memory to reach 800MB

Imm not sure

Are you using Plugins in Studio?
If so are they created by the original maker of the Plugin, or are they a copied version?

Ill need to remove every plugin

Are you sure every plugin is one that isn’t made by the original creator?

I’ve uninstalled every plugin. Let’s see if that works.

But my original question was if meshparts reduce lag and increase performance.

It depends on what you’re replacing with a MeshPart.
If you have a simple shape then a few regular Parts is better than a MeshPart.
If you have a complex shape like a narrow tunnel with lots of holes and bends then a MeshPart may not be rendered physically so that your character will interact with it properly. They may stand on it and be slightly above the surface, or not be able to pass through a small opening.
It’s not a yes or no question, it depends on each and every case and the factors involved.