Are PlayerGUIs replicated across the server?

In my game it’s important that information on a player’s GUI be kept secret, so naturally I’m worried about security. In a studio test-server you can’t access Player B’s PlayerGui from the Player A client. But this doesn’t mean an exploiter can’t get ahold of other player’s GUIs, or does it?

Mostly nothing in Player Gui is replicated to the Server, this is a reason why with Filtering Enabled, Server scripts don’t run in Player Gui , due to the Server not knowing about the script’s existence

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For some reason now, screenguis are cloned into playergui by the server. The old behaviour was the client cloned them into playergui. Though I must ask - why is information there a secret?


I’m making a turn-based card game. If an exploiter knows what cards someone has then it’s obviously not a very ideal situation.

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If you turn off CharacterAutoLoads in the ‘Players` service, guis should not be cloned. From a localscript you could then clone them yourself

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