Are [Players.LocalPlayer] server scripts invisible to "cheaters"?

Hello, I noticed that in Roblox Studio server scripts under game.Players[] are visible to the player locally[in Roblox Studio] does that mean that cheaters can see the entire code and steal all of it in game or is it just a feature of the Roblox Studio to show all of the scripts for the local player?
I had seen this " Exploiters cannot steal server scripts because their bytecode is never sent to clients" but after I noticed that I can see the server scripts locally it makes me a little bit anxious.

Anything that is replicated to the client they can rip. There is no way around this. This includes models, entire workspaces, local scripts, ui, etc. The only things they don’t have access to are non-replicated server-sided containers such as those in ServerStorage or ServerScriptService. If you want to protect your source code, you can obfuscate it, but that doesn’t really do anything. Basically if the client can see it, they can take it and that’s just how it is with every game, not just roblox.

What you heard is correct. They can see the script because it’s part of the game, but they don’t have access to the code. Server scripts are by far the most secure things in your game no matter where they are.

This is what I needed to hear. Thank you.