Are property names case sensitive?

Are property names in Roblox case sensitive?
I noticed that both
are working…

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Yes they are.

That ONLY works in a print (have no idea why), if you try to set it it gives an error, I just tested it to make sure and when I did, I got an error. Everything, and I mean everything is Case sensitive (there are a few exceptions because some things have formerly lowercased versions of themselves that are now deprecated)

It definitely does work for me:


What error message do you get?

Try changing the value of transparency with both of them, the second one is supposed to not work

yes, I cannot change it using the lowercase version.
But why can I read it?

Did you not read my reply?

I clearly state it works while printing but not while setting/asigning

local Game = game
print(game.bindToClose) --Valid.
print(game.bindtoclose) --Errors.

Properties are case-sensitive, but for some reason the capitalisation of the first character of a read property is insensitive.

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@domboss37 said it already, it does make no sense, it wont be a big deal you know just use the upper case one and go with it