Are there any alternatives to MaxVisibleGraphemes?

I’m making a typewriter system that utilizes rich text. I have the TextXAlignment set to center and whenever I use MaxVisibleGraphemes it completely throws the alignment setting out the window. I want it to seem like a person is actually typing in real time so if the text starts to the left not perfectly in the center then that ruins it. I can’t use this property because it offsets the text to the left but I also can’t go letter by letter setting the TextLabel.Text property because of the rich text markers.

I’m seriously at a loss because every time I think I’ve found the solution someone just says to use the MaxVisibleGraphemes property. Is there any alternative?

This is what it looks like mid “typewrite” session. I want it to be center aligned while it’s typing.

And if I try setting the TextLabel.Text property it types out the rich text marker.

If someone could link a module that handles this or a function that is able to automatically “ignore” the markers or something that would be a big help.