Are there any up-to-date tools I can use to create custom fonts?

Hi. I was just wondering, is there a framework I could use to import a custom font sprite sheet into Roblox, and then use some sort of module that handles using that sprite sheet for text labels and stuff? I tried using EgoMoose’s tutorial, however, the text appeared blank, no clue as to why. :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would create a module.

I am too lazy to create an entire module now but I can if you really want me to

And I would pass an argument of a table of all the image labels (letters). Name them exactly the same as the character. Make capital and lower case.

Then, make something that looks something like this

(GenerateFont) - ModuleScript

return function(table2,Frame)
local UIL ="UIListLayout",Frame)

      for _,v in pairs(table2) do
               if v:IsA("ImageLabel") then
-- Tabs are hard to do in devfourm
local Ta = v:Clone()
v.Visible = true
v.Size =,20,0,20)


PLEASE feel free to edit this! I probably made a mistake :face_with_hand_over_mouth: because I typed this very fast. I hope this helped! If it didn’t please tell me.

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