Are there consequences of sending too much data in a remote event?

I have a game that sends data of chunks to the player. I’m thinking of combining multiple chunks’ data into a single remote event. I’m doing this so that I can reduce data receive on players. Now, are there any consequences to doing this? I’m sending a long string on the remote event btw.

As opposed to sending the same amount data in a single frame split over multiple remoteevents?
There aren’t but it will cause a ping spike in either case if you are sending too much data in too short of a timespan.

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You can send 50kb per second from client to server and vice versa. Since ur sending a huge string, A Unicode character in UTF-8 encoding is between 8 bits (1 byte) and 32 bits (4 bytes)
an empty remote event sends 9bytes of data so just add your total to that

So youre probably not near the limit (50Kb = 50k bytes btw) . Other than hitting the limit, I dont think theres any other issues