Are there other resources that handle server/client communication better than some frameworks?

Good Day,

I have been looking at the Aero, Volt Frameworks etc to see if there is a better/more secure way of doing Server / Client communication?

Does anyone recommend them or any others? I am not a great programmer and thinking these may help me?


The only real way of doing safe server-client communication is through Bindable Events and Functions | Roblox Creator Documentation. Remote events are generally the best if you don’t need the result of whatever function you call. As long as you keep minimal amounts of game-dependant mechanics on the client you should be fairly safe using these. Just remember any code you leave on the client can be manipulated.

From what I understand Volt is just a plugin that allows for a supposedly simplified workflow.

If you are not yet experienced enough, frameworks are probably not for you. Before using a frame you must know it in depth and know how they work inside, because not everything is advantages. The limitations of a framework are as or more important than its advantages, because a limitation could stop the development of a game completely and the only way to know them is to study the framework in detail.

A framework also does not guarantee security completely. Much of the security will always be the responsibility of the programmers themselves.

Anyway, the correct way to do communication between client and server is to use remote functions/events (frameworks use these internally) and in certain cases it is the only way to do that.

I hope this has been useful for you.