Are there really only 10 tickets left?

According to user “VisualPlugin#0483” on discord and this scan of the application site, there are only 10 tickets left Is this true or false? This was taken when applications were first open.


Pretty sure the chances of each type of pass being only 10 left is very slim. Since it’s application based, how are tickets being sold out if applications are just being sent in to be reviewed.


The quantity went up to 15 for developer pass and 10 to 50 for VIP. This would probably explain it.

Where did you get this information?

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According to my sources, @Nightgaladeld said that this is untrue.
Besides we’re not sure if it’s the number of tickets saved for the ones that were already invited and didn’t buy them yet or the general number. I wouldn’t be jumping into conclusions without more information.


I tried to clarify: there are ten tickets left for each category. At least that’s my theory. That means that there are 10 developer passes for 16+, 10 developer passes for under 16s, and 10 chaperone passes. I’ve tried to clarify that on Discord.

I’m not VisualPlugin#0483 on Discord! My name tag is:
! (30 spaces) !#0483


Order form: if you go to the payment page and look in the source code, you’ll find metadata for the event.

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Where are your sources? Where can I find his post?

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My sources are people that have already talked to Carlos in DMs about it.

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In the form page, they said that they’ll send emails to eligible candidates. That could mean they only have to fit a broad range of qualifications.

Just because you’re on the RDC server, it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically invited. It just means that you’re interested in going to the RDC.

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I would imagine they send it to whatever device your email is logged in to.

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Update: I’ve rechecked the metadata, and it seems that the quantityRemaining fields haven’t changed, despite the influx of new invites. I’m guessing it could be a bug on Splash’s side.

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Sold out. No more tickets left.